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These functions are provided for compatibility with older versions of openxlsx2, and may be defunct as soon as the next release. This guide helps you update your code to the latest standards.

As of openxlsx2 v1.0, API change should be minimal.

Internal functions

These functions are used internally by openxlsx2. It is no longer advertised to use them in scripts. They originate from openxlsx, but do not fit openxlsx2's API.

You should be able to modify

You should be able to change those with minimal changes

Deprecated functions

First of all, you can set an option that will add warnings when using deprecated functions.

options("openxlsx2.soon_deprecated" = TRUE)

Argument changes

For consistency, arguments were renamed to snake_case for the 0.8 release. It is now recommended to use dims (the cell range) in favor of row, col, start_row, start_col

See wb_dims() as it provides many options on how to provide cell range

Functions with a new name

These functions were renamed for consistency.

Deprecated usage

## Before

## Now
wb <- wb_load(file)
# also possible

See also